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July 03, 2023 2 min read

Chakra’s and how Chakra energies flow is something few people really understand. But it’s helpful to know so that you can enhance your self-care with good energy healing practices.

Here is a simple color coded heart guide in the order of the flow that explains each designated Chakra. 
Chakra energy flow starts from the Root Chakra (red base) and flows up and circulates.
❤️Root - Security and Stability 
🧡 Sacral - Creativity and Sexuality 
💛 Solar Plexus - Ego and Personal Power
💚 Heart - Love and Compassion
💙 Throat - Communication and Self Expression
💜 Third Eye - Intuition and Self Awareness 
🤍Crown - Universal consciousness

If a person is experiencing a blockage within the flow it does have an effect on the other Chakras.
For example if the 💚Heart Chakra is not healthy the negative energy flows up to the 💙Throat Chakra having a hindering effect on positive communication and healthy self-expression. 💜Which can lead to one not being alone to trust their intuition and have poor self awareness.
🤍If the chakras are misaligned combined they dim the Crown Chakra.

 It’s great self care practice to channel good energy and nourish each Chakra, they are all important for harmony and balance.

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