Yoga Practice Not Yoga Perfect

yoga practice not perfect
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Yoga Practice Not Yoga Perfect

yoga practice not perfect

If you believe a positive mindset is important. then embracing not being perfect should definitely be apart of your mindset foundation.

Yoga practice can empower our mental state and strengthen our physical well-being. sometimes when practicing yoga the focus can shift to doing the poses perfectly. Especially when practicing in a group setting, it can be tempting to start comparing your yoga practice to someone else. It is important to embrace yoga is a personal practice, and ongoing evolution. comparison of practice could steal your joy and hinder your growth. Wether you are rocking out a super strong crow pose or barely making your legs cross in lotus; it only really matters that you got on your mat to practice. each day is different with our weakness and strengths, it’s good to be present wherever you are at that time and go with the flow.

Release the fear of failure. If it doesn’t vibe with you in present time, let it go. Don’t force anything.

Failure is very much apart of success. No one is perfect. Keep in mind there is not one person who is now considered great at what they do hasn’t had their share of failures…some epic. The key is they learned and grew from the failure. It didn’t stop their movement, they adjusted and kept moving forward.

If it doesn’t feel right, just let it go!

Relax and find what’s comfortable for you. Yoga practice should not hurt !

Just breath and find your peace within. Flow with it.
Striving for yoga perfection can also misalign all of your chakra energies. If the alignment gets to far out of wack, you may experience hater tendencies. Even those of us who normally don’t hate on others can be affected by this. Social media contributes to energy misalignment by showing highlights, not failures. An example of a hater energy misalignment is as follows:

❤️Root chakra– not grounded, or centered with self. Unstable within self.

🧡Sacral chakra– the joy of the community does not bring a hater joy. Seeing others happy does nothing for them, its annoying.

💛Solar plexus chakra– jealousy and envy boil together here. thoughts of “why her/him, why not me” fester here. Ego on fire.

💚Heart chakra– no love for others. Misalignment of other chakras are flowing negative energy to the heart body. Limited restricted flow of self love coming thru.

💙Throat chakra– hater language flows easily, sometimes masked as a joke. The word congrats rarely leaves their mouth. the tones of sarcasm and passive aggression are typically present when a hater speaks.

💜🤍Third eye chakra and crown chakra are blocked and dim. As much as a hater hates the world, they hate their own light more.

Some days are yoga practice perfect, and some are not. Enjoy them all!
It good life happiness practice to not get infested with hater energy. Instead find the joy in your journey to the fullest with all of its up’s and downs. Do yourself a huge favor while practicing yoga, also practice embracing the mindset of patience and acceptance of oneself. Discard the ideals and ego involved with seeking perfection.

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