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Have A Quickie with Your Sacral Chakra | Let the Orange Energy Flow | Holistic Wellness

The Yogi Closet Sacral Chakra Soy Candle
Sacral Chakra Sound Bath enhanced with The Yogi Closet®️Aromatherapy Meditation
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The Sacral Chakra is located at the center of the lower belly, about 3 inches below the navel. Also known as Svadhisthana in Ayurveda Sanskrit translates to “your own space”. This orange sensual chakra energy body is known to hold the space of emotions, sensuality, and creativity.

Times in life when we are experiencing good emotional stability, fluid creativity, and comfy within our sexuality are great indications the sacral chakra is balanced. Sometimes life can throw experiences at us that can cause our sacral chakra energy flow to become blocked. Its a loving self-care practice to engage the chakras, and unblock slow energy flowing.

We can engage our Sacral Chakra for healing sessions to restore good prana energy flow and better health. We want to start by being in a space we feel safe. The Sacral healing element is water, which carries the energy of fluidity and color of orange. Being near water such as calming waterfronts, or listening to the tranquil sounds of ocean waves crashing are wonderful engagers. To dive deeper into our chakra healing practice we could also engage visual and sense of smell. Burning a The Yogi Closet Chakra Aromatherapy soy candle provides both a perfect orange visual and chakra aromatically aligned.


Aromatherapy candles are wonderful additions to your home decor. The Yogi Closet aromatherapy candles deliver pleasant natural scents that uplift your being and will not overpower your space.

Our pure essential oil blends are handmade using Ayurvedic holistic health to trigger positive energies and better well-being. We only use the best natural ingredients including natural soy wax, organic herbs, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

An amazing enhancement to engaging the chakra bodies is to tune-in to the frequencies, and relax with the vibrations of a sound bowl bath session. A chakra sound bath provides soothing tones our bodies vibe too. It is a nice treat to allow our soul to vibrate in harmony with our higher consciousness.

The Sacral Sound bath video shares a 30 second moment of chill; that is perfectly timed for us to take 3 deep healing belly breaths. Mindfully breathing in joy and love into our bellies; exhale and release any internalized fears and pain. While we focus on the playful flicker of the flame; allow the brilliance of orange to spark our creative flow. Be present in this space of caring energy, emotional wellness, and togetherness. Carry with you mental peace, and light along your journey.

We hope you enjoyed a relaxing higher vibration session with us. Share a comment and join in the tribe vibe energy exchange.

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