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How to Practice Drishti Meditation Healing for Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

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Feel free to listen, feel free to stare.
-Ani DiFranco

The practice of drishti is a gazing technique that develops concentration—and teaches you to see the world as it really is.

👁Drishti organizes our perceptual apparatus to recognize and overcome the limits of “normal” vision.

In Sanskrit, drishti can also mean a vision, a point of view, or intelligence and wisdom. 

🧘🏾‍♀️📍Diani Beach Mombasa Kenya 🇰🇪 Practicing the art of acknowledging our ancestors over my shoulders to the right and to the left.  Grounded and staring inward when my eyes are looking outwards. Seeing the world how it really is thru a divine eye.

Shown in the picture above, I am practicing Drishti stare meditation with my palms open and up to receive and welcome positive energy flow. 

Read this easy guide to practicing Drishti Gaze Meditation

Gaze over your shoulder to acknowledge the ancestors of the father and seek guidance, strength, and love. 

Gaze over your opposite shoulder to acknowledge the ancestors of the mother and seek guidance, strength, and love. 

Place your hands on the earth palms open. Ground and connect with Mother Earth to acknowledge, welcome, and receive her powers and energy flow. 

Practice staring outward with staring at a focal point, keep your my eyes while mindfully breathing. Slightly tile your head upward to the heavens allow your third eye to open stare inward. Place your hands in your lap facing down channeling universal energy and Prana flow completely connecting with self; mind, body, and spirit.

Practicing meditation can require building up stamina to sit still and allow your thoughts to flow, releasing those that do not serve to help your healing and empowerment. Its perfectly okay to start with practicing 2-3 minutes, and build up to 15 minutes over time. Be patient with yourself and allow time to help you build strength with this practice. 

Thank you for reading and we hope this practice helps your wellness journey! Subscribe for more yoga x wellness x empowerment x travel insight and tips.


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