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Meditation Guide – How to Ground Your Root Chakra

This meditation guide provides suggested techniques that can be used to ground and heal The root chakra. By using the Methods of sound vibrations, color scenic nature visuals, meditation, and yoga you can safely engage and balance your root chakra.

 The root chakra also known as the Muladhara and is the first chakra located at the lower spine. In sanskrit the root chakra is comprised of  words: mula meaning “root” and adhara, which means “support” or “base.”  keeping the root chakra balanced and grounded creates the solid foundation for opening the chakras above; and good energy flow.

Feel The Good Vibrations

You can engage your root chakra with vibration and sound simply by saying the root chakra name in sanskrit- muladhara. the vibration of the vocal cords starts the process of engaging the root chakra and channeling energy to the lower chakra area. humming lum also sends vibrations that stabilize and soothe the root chakra. speaking positive affirmations like “i am always safe connected to the earth.” can bring inner calmness to the muladhara chakra.

Meditation Guide Connect With Nature

Physically being in nature is a wonderful way to balance with your root chakra and ground your energies. taking your shoes off and allowing your feet to feel the grass and earth underneath you is an easy way to re-connect with nature. Listening to natural sounds and nature soundscapes is also a way to relax the root chakra and bring peace to the energy body. Taking a few moments to appreciate the flowers and natural beauty of the world around you.

Ground Yourself With Yoga & Meditation

Doing yoga asanas and meditation breathing exercises while in nature is amazing for healing and nourishing the root chakra. some yoga poses to practice for root chakra are:

Malasana (yogi squat)
Mountain pose
Wide-legged forward fold
Thunderbolt pose
Garland pose
Bridge pose
Revolved chair pose
Sun salutations
A visual example of Malayan, mountain pose, and wide-legged forward fold poses are in the picture gallery below. These poses can be added together in a sequence to fully engage your root chakra for strengthening and healing. For more yoga asanas for your root chakra check out the yoga journal

Our bodies can also process colors with photosynthesis thru our skin. Wearing natural fabrics such as cotton in the color red during yoga and meditation can help your body channel energy to your root chakra.

Mudras are yoga hand positions and subtle movements of the entire body that can channel energies and change one mood, perspective, and attitude. using mudras during your meditation practice can help you deepen your practice. Muladhara mudra is used to stimulate balance and can be used to activate the root chakra. To learn more about muladhara mudra visit how to do muladhara mudra

Aromatherapy With Meditation & Yoga
Using aromatherapy while practicing yoga and meditation is an amazing way to elevate your practice and engage your chakra. The yogi closet handcrafts chakra candles with 100% natural ingredients formulated to help you breathe deep and breathe well. Shop the root chakra soy candles.

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