Clean Scented Soy Candle | A Breathe of Fresh Air


“A Breathe of Fresh Air”, scented candles are inspired by life’s simple pleasure of enjoying a nice deep breath of fresh air. This hand-poured candle creates an energy healing vibe of breathing Crisp Air with subtle grounding aromas of Basil, while enjoying a glass of Cabernet. This mediation candle is perfect for self care relaxation and pampering.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils:
• Top Notes – Crisp Night Air
• Middle Notes- Cabernet Wine
• Base Notes- Basil


“A Breathe of Fresh Air”, essential oil candles are inspired by life’s simple pleasure of enjoying a nice deep breath of fresh air. These scented soy candles create a refreshing natural aromatherapy vibe of being in a tropical paradise with the herbal aromas of Basil in the air while enjoying a glass of Cabernet. “A Breath of Fresh Air” delivers a beautifully breathing experience that elevates your holistic wellness and self-care practices.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Fragrance Notes
• Top Notes – Crisp Air
• Middle Notes- Cabernet
• Base Notes- Basil

Our scented soy candles are handcrafted and small-batch poured using only non toxic high quality ingredients.
100% Natural Soy Wax
Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils
Organic Herbs

Sizes Available:
8 oz and 3 oz Amber Glass Container with Lid
Burn Time: Approx 9 hours per ounce
– We recommend burning the candle to the edge of the glass the first time you light it. This will help the candle to burn evenly.

The Yogi Closet- Each meditation candle is crafted with Ayurveda holistic wellness to release the aroma essence of the natural elements. The pleasant scents of nature are aligned with your Dosha and chakra energy bodies evoking good energy with each breath. The healing candles make a great holistic gift for mom, yogi, or anyone into holistic wellness.

All of The Yogi Closet products are non toxic, cruelty-free, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly. However, the products should be kept a safe distance away from pets and children. Always burn candles on a flat heat-resistant surface.

All orders ship Monday – Friday within 24 business hours of payment confirmation. Orders received after 2 pm Friday will ship Monday due to postal hours in our area.

Breathe Deep🌿Breathe Well
Handcrafted with care
Houston Tx U.S.A

Weight 0.68 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 4 cm



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