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Chakra Love Melts | Hand Poured Soy Wax Tarts

Immerse yourself in the love-filled care package, featuring scented soy wax tarts with 7 energy healing aromas. Each tart is meticulously handcrafted, infused with the power of pure essential oils and organic botanicals. Our "Love Melts" soy wax melts are specially designed to offer chakra healing benefits, providing a sensory journey aligned with your well-being and creating an atmosphere of love in your home.

Inside each sack of the love care package, you'll discover scented soy wax tarts that bring forth the transformative properties of 7 energy healing aromas. These hand-poured wax melts are created using only the finest ingredients, including pure essential oils, 100% natural soy wax, and organic botanicals and herbs. Immerse yourself in their enchanting fragrances and let the love-infused energy uplift your spirits and promote a sense of balance and harmony. 

The Chakra Love Melts Care Package Includes:
-Burlap Bag Contains (7) Love Melts
Heart Size: 1.5 x1.75 inch approx 0.65 ounce each.
- Each soy wax heart is individually wrapped and labeled.

Chakra Aromatherapy Scent Notes:
🤍White Crown Chakra
Cleansing | Sage • Rosemary
Organic Botanical- White Sage

💜Purple 3rd Eye Chakra
Relaxing | Lavender • Chamomile
Organic Botanical- Lavender / Chamomile

💙Blue Throat Chakra
Refreshing | Mint • Eucalyptus
Organic Botanical- Mint

💚Green Heart Chakra
Joyful | Hibiscus • Berry
Organic Botanical - Hibiscus

💛Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra
Energizing | Lemongrass • Ginger
Organic Botanical- Lemongrass

🧡Orange Sacral Chakra
Soothing | Citrus • Neroli
Organic Botanical - Orange Blossoms

❤️Red Root Chakra
Grounding | Coconut • Basil
Organic Botanical - Basil

🌈🧿Select A Rainbow bag for 1 of each of the chakra scented soy wax tarts

For best use we suggest the following:
-Place 1 heart in your wax warmer, allowing the wax to fully melt releasing fragrance and warming herbs.
- We recommend burning the wax melts in a tea light or UL-listed electric warmers approved for wax. Use an electric warmer for a stronger throw of scent.
-Enjoy Breathing Deep & Breathing Well.

Experience the excellence of The Yogi Closet Chakra Aromatherapy Melts, meticulously handcrafted by a certified Ayurveda Wellness Yoga Teacher. With a positive intention to promote healing and deep breathing, these soy wax melts offer a transformative experience.

Each scent is thoughtfully formulated for meditation, yoga, and reiki practices, triggering positive emotions and assisting you in delving deeper into your energy healing journey. Designed to be in perfect harmony with your chakra energies, these melts provide a balanced and gentle sensory experience, ensuring they never overpower or overwhelm your system. Rest assured, only the finest natural ingredients and pure essential oils are used to create this premium aromatherapy product, making it a non-toxic treat for your mind, body, and spirit.

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Breathe Deep🌿Breathe Well
Handcrafted with care
Houston Tx U.S.A