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Eucalyptus Smudge | Protection Energy

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Elevate Your Space with The Yogi Closet Eucalyptus Smudges: Unleash Powerful Good Energy Experience the profound protective energy of our hand-rolled Eucalyptus smudges, carefully crafted with pure intentions. When ignited, these smudges infuse your surroundings with a potent surge of positive energy, creating a protective and cleansing aura. Immerse yourself in the tranquil herbal aroma, releasing energies that promote relaxation and embrace your space with its revitalizing vibes.


Essence of Eucalyptus: A Symbol of Empowerment, Protection, and Abundance Amidst the leaves of Eucalyptus lies a profound essence, embodying the virtues of empowerment, protection, and abundance. Embrace the rich symbolism carried by this remarkable plant, a powerful reminder of its capacity to fortify and bring prosperity to life's journey

  • Spiritually known to help resolve emotional conflict
  • Stimulates the mind and clears negative energy
  • Promotes concentration
  • May help decrease pain and relieve cold symptoms
  • Promote relaxation and tranquility
Size -(1 )Medium Eucalyptus Smudge Stick

Approx – weight 1 oz; – Length 4″ x Width 1″

Ingredients: Natural Eucalyptus Hand-rolled and secured with Cotton

Suggested Burning Directions for Eucalyptus Smudge:

To burn the smudge light the end of the bundle and let the smoke waft into the air. If you intend to cleanse and detox negative energy from the room, you’d then walk around the space with the burning wand. Speaking positive words of intent in the space as you walk through moving the smudge in the circular motion if you desire.

In addition to setting intentions for the space, you could also set intentions for mindful meditation practice. Settle into the space, and be present. Inhale good intent and positive universal energy, exhale all things that do not serve to bring peace and empower your well-being.

It is suggested to burn the smudge on fire-resistant surfaces, or in a shell or heat resisted clay bowl. Burning smudge for short periods of time is recommended. Those with lung issues should consult a medical physician regarding the inhalation of smoke of any kind. This practice and product are not intended for medical use.