Do You Need To Calm Your Pitta Dosha? Here are Ayurveda Wellness Tips on How to Calm Your Fire.

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Do You Need To Calm Your Pitta Dosha? Here are Ayurveda Wellness Tips on How to Calm Your Fire.


When I think about Pitta dosha within Ayurveda wellness, Agni also comes to mind. Agni means fire in Sanskrit, and is closely related to pitta, except it has a different type of dry heat.

Pitta dosha’s vital energy primary element is fire, with a secondary element of water. The balance is similar to low humidity heat, with an energy flow hot and fluid. All of the dosha work together, however each has their own area of the human body it governs. Dosha are Ayurveda vital energy sources that make up the human constitution. For more info about Dosha and Ayurveda history read What is Ayurveda & How to Use It

Pitta dosha main place in the body is the gastrointestinal tract, the stomach and small intestines are also apart of this vital energy. Within our physical being the pitta dosha is associated with the metabolism, its fluids and our hormonal balance. The organs, plasma, etc associated with pitta are liver, spleen, gallbladder, blood, sweat, eyes, and endocrine glands

If the fire dosha is not in harmony, and there is excessive heat being stored in the body the imbalance can manifest as various illness and symptoms including:

  • Irritability, anger, and mood swings.
  • Digestion issues such as reoccurring or chronic acid reflux, gas, constipation, nausea
  • Inflammation in joints
  • Bad Breathe and body odor. 

A Pitta imbalance can also be caused by internalized stress, and unhealed traumas stored in the Root and Sacral Chakras. If unreleased the imbalance can manifest as cell irregularities such as fibroids and tumors could grow. The fire dosha also has an impact within the Solar Plexus chakra with the emotions of jealousy, anger, and “why them, not me/hater” type feelings can boil over and infest the mind. 

A few typical characteristics and qualities of pitta dominant dosha constitution are:
  • Medium / Slender build with sharp features- teeth, nose, eyes will be medium prominence
  • Strong metabolism, large appetites, high body temperatures.
  • Highly ambitious, with a very alert mind. Seeks knowledge and are intelligent.
  • Cheerful, confident, happy, and strong

There are also elements that aggravate the Pitta dosha that can add fuel to the flame, that include;

  • Eating to much red meat
  • Caffeine 
  • Hot Summers, exposure to heat
  • Alcohol
  • Fatigue
  • Overworking, Hyperactive mind
  • Exercising midday
  • Fear of failure, and repressed emotions 

It helps to know what naturally aggravates the Pitta, so that you can adjust your environment accordingly, and have a better understanding why you may not feel like your best self. 

While it is a good idea to avoid and reduce exposure to what aggravates the Pitta dosha, it is not always possible. Some ways to help balance the fire and calm your Pitta are:

  • Practicing mindful breathing techniques.
  • Clothing photosynthesis,
  • Incorporating a high veggie based diet
  • Consistency of the above changes and allowing the body to restore itself.  

Pranayama meditative breathing is very beneficial. A technique called Left Nostril Breathing can help bring calm balance to a upset Pitta. 

Here is a quick guide to this helpful mindful breathing technique:

  • Inhale thru left nostril and exhale through right.
  • Use your thumb and middle finger to close and open alternating nostrils. This breathing exercise is cooling and helps stimulate female energy. 
  • Natural Aromatherapy while mindful breathing enhances sensory connection.  

-Wearing the color blue helps the photosynthesis process.

-Sleep on your right side and getting adequate rest


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Antigua Travel Guide | Experience Wild Lotus Glamping Beach Camping

Antigua Travel Guide | Experience Wild Lotus Glamping Beach Camping

Wild Lotus Camp is a luxury campground located at Valley Church Beach on Antigua Caribbean Island. There are very few places in the world that can offer such a unique beach lovers experience. In my travel book Wild Lotus Camp is ranked #1 Best Place to Unplug and “Just Be” by the Caribbean Sea.

The campground has five private tents located on a pristine white sand beach.

Wild Lotus Camp is a small family owned an operated business based in Antigua. The grounds are clean, cared for, and secured. Upon arrival the owners will review the property and accommodations with you, everyone is very friendly and easy to communicate with. 

Each tent on the premises has its own private outdoor shower, and running water sink area. The water is heated using solar power. For a hot water temperature it would be better to shower when the sun is high in the sky. The toilet facilities are located a few feet away (maybe a 1 minute walk) in the pink painted building. 

Just off the beach is a local restaurant and juice bar, also in a building painted pink.  

These boutique tent accommodations are secured with pad locks and the main gates to the parking lot are locked at night. 

Wild Lotus is the perfect place to unplug from the demands of the world and rejuvenate with the simplicities of good universal energy and clean elements.  

It is a life enhancer to mindfully add tranquil moments to our memory bank. During hard mental times of stress, and life tougher times, it is nice to withdraw good vibes from our memories to help us thru tough times.

A way to do this when you visit Wild Lotus Camp is to books a stay with one of the yoga wellness retreat packages. The Yogi Closet hosts an Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Retreat at this wonderful location. Click Link for retreat booking with Wild Lotus Beach Camp

You can also self practice and mentally capture the moment by having a seat in the sand or chair and look out onto the horizon, just breathe into the space.

Slowly and Deeply Inhale. Intentionally take in all the sounds, feels, and smells of the natural elements around you; including  the sound of the ocean waves, the gentle chilly breeze blowing off the sea. Notice the salty-sweet smell and  taste of the air filling your lungs. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet. Capture it all in the senses like a snap shot of being present in this moment.

Slowly Exhale, release all the static noises, and any chronic negative thoughts of the mind. Mindfully blow them out and release them to the sea, to be carried away in the tide.

Admiration of the sunset on the ocean horizon brings awareness to time and being present in the moment. In the blink of an eye the sun is gone, releasing the energy duties of the night shift to the moon. 

Beach Vibes and Nearby Things To Do

When visiting Wild Lotus there are nearby things to do that can easily be arranged by the facility staff. The hotel offers arranged excursions, with the yoga retreats, as well as yoga classes. 

The beach is not typically “packed to capacity” it has visitors that are shuttled down from the other nearby hotels. There are water activities such as jet skiing and chartered cruises that are offered by independent companies. 

SheerRocks restaurant is a dining experience that was highly recommended as a place to eat when visiting Antigua. 

Click the buttons below to explore more details and info of fun things to do while visiting Antigua. 

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