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Get to Know About Ayurveda Holistic Wellness | Tips for Better Wellness
Read this good information about what Ayurveda holistic wellness is, and easy practical tips to use for better wellness.

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Nature Soundscape Meditation | Chakra Sound Bowls | Holistic Wellness

nature soundscape meditation
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Nature Soundscape Meditation | Chakra Sound Bowls | Holistic Wellness

nature soundscape meditation
Watch this Natural Soundscape Video with Healing Frequencies for Meditation

Water is required for survival by every living thing on earth. “What you water will grow” also applies to our thoughts and energies. For good holistic wellness and happy existence be sure to stay hydrated, and nourish your energies.

This natural soundscape meditation video is a time-lapse of hydrating a flower. Nature is a great teacher of time and patience. The real time length of the process was 42 minutes and 22 seconds. With the technology of time lapse we sped up the process to 4 minutes for the sound healing meditation video. 


Try this breathing exercise to help relax yourself into meditation practice.

-Sit in a comfortable seated position and mindfully breathe.

-Deeply take an inhalation with a 3 count.

-Hold the breath at the top for just a moment, appreciate its life-giving nourishment.

-Slowly exhale with a 6 count release. Repeat 3 cycles of breathing. Sit and allow yourself to appreciate a moment of peace.

nature soundscape meditation

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Have A Quickie with Your Sacral Chakra | Let the Orange Energy Flow | Holistic Wellness

The Yogi Closet Sacral Chakra Soy Candle

The sacral chakra body captures the energies of joy, sexual health, and unity with community. Have a quickie with your sacral chakra, bring your self-care to higher levels.

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