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Yoga Practice Not Yoga Perfect

yoga practice not perfect
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Yoga Practice Not Yoga Perfect

yoga practice not perfect

If you believe a positive mindset is important. then embracing not being perfect should definitely be apart of your mindset foundation.

Yoga practice can empower our mental state and strengthen our physical well-being. sometimes when practicing yoga the focus can shift to doing the poses perfectly. Especially when practicing in a group setting, it can be tempting to start comparing your yoga practice to someone else. It is important to embrace yoga is a personal practice, and ongoing evolution. comparison of practice could steal your joy and hinder your growth. Wether you are rocking out a super strong crow pose or barely making your legs cross in lotus; it only really matters that you got on your mat to practice. each day is different with our weakness and strengths, it’s good to be present wherever you are at that time and go with the flow.

Release the fear of failure. If it doesn’t vibe with you in present time, let it go. Don’t force anything.

Failure is very much apart of success. No one is perfect. Keep in mind there is not one person who is now considered great at what they do hasn’t had their share of failures…some epic. The key is they learned and grew from the failure. It didn’t stop their movement, they adjusted and kept moving forward.

If it doesn’t feel right, just let it go!

Relax and find what’s comfortable for you. Yoga practice should not hurt !

Just breath and find your peace within. Flow with it.
Striving for yoga perfection can also misalign all of your chakra energies. If the alignment gets to far out of wack, you may experience hater tendencies. Even those of us who normally don’t hate on others can be affected by this. Social media contributes to energy misalignment by showing highlights, not failures. An example of a hater energy misalignment is as follows:

❤️Root chakra– not grounded, or centered with self. Unstable within self.

🧡Sacral chakra– the joy of the community does not bring a hater joy. Seeing others happy does nothing for them, its annoying.

💛Solar plexus chakra– jealousy and envy boil together here. thoughts of “why her/him, why not me” fester here. Ego on fire.

💚Heart chakra– no love for others. Misalignment of other chakras are flowing negative energy to the heart body. Limited restricted flow of self love coming thru.

💙Throat chakra– hater language flows easily, sometimes masked as a joke. The word congrats rarely leaves their mouth. the tones of sarcasm and passive aggression are typically present when a hater speaks.

💜🤍Third eye chakra and crown chakra are blocked and dim. As much as a hater hates the world, they hate their own light more.

Some days are yoga practice perfect, and some are not. Enjoy them all!
It good life happiness practice to not get infested with hater energy. Instead find the joy in your journey to the fullest with all of its up’s and downs. Do yourself a huge favor while practicing yoga, also practice embracing the mindset of patience and acceptance of oneself. Discard the ideals and ego involved with seeking perfection.

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Antigua Travel Guide | Experience Wild Lotus Glamping Beach Camping

Antigua Travel Guide | Experience Wild Lotus Glamping Beach Camping

Wild Lotus Camp is a luxury campground located at Valley Church Beach on Antigua Caribbean Island. There are very few places in the world that can offer such a unique beach lovers experience. In my travel book Wild Lotus Camp is ranked #1 Best Place to Unplug and “Just Be” by the Caribbean Sea.

The campground has five private tents located on a pristine white sand beach.

Wild Lotus Camp is a small family owned an operated business based in Antigua. The grounds are clean, cared for, and secured. Upon arrival the owners will review the property and accommodations with you, everyone is very friendly and easy to communicate with. 

Each tent on the premises has its own private outdoor shower, and running water sink area. The water is heated using solar power. For a hot water temperature it would be better to shower when the sun is high in the sky. The toilet facilities are located a few feet away (maybe a 1 minute walk) in the pink painted building. 

Just off the beach is a local restaurant and juice bar, also in a building painted pink.  

These boutique tent accommodations are secured with pad locks and the main gates to the parking lot are locked at night. 

Wild Lotus is the perfect place to unplug from the demands of the world and rejuvenate with the simplicities of good universal energy and clean elements.  

It is a life enhancer to mindfully add tranquil moments to our memory bank. During hard mental times of stress, and life tougher times, it is nice to withdraw good vibes from our memories to help us thru tough times.

A way to do this when you visit Wild Lotus Camp is to books a stay with one of the yoga wellness retreat packages. The Yogi Closet hosts an Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Retreat at this wonderful location. Click Link for retreat booking with Wild Lotus Beach Camp

You can also self practice and mentally capture the moment by having a seat in the sand or chair and look out onto the horizon, just breathe into the space.

Slowly and Deeply Inhale. Intentionally take in all the sounds, feels, and smells of the natural elements around you; including  the sound of the ocean waves, the gentle chilly breeze blowing off the sea. Notice the salty-sweet smell and  taste of the air filling your lungs. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet. Capture it all in the senses like a snap shot of being present in this moment.

Slowly Exhale, release all the static noises, and any chronic negative thoughts of the mind. Mindfully blow them out and release them to the sea, to be carried away in the tide.

Admiration of the sunset on the ocean horizon brings awareness to time and being present in the moment. In the blink of an eye the sun is gone, releasing the energy duties of the night shift to the moon. 

Beach Vibes and Nearby Things To Do

When visiting Wild Lotus there are nearby things to do that can easily be arranged by the facility staff. The hotel offers arranged excursions, with the yoga retreats, as well as yoga classes. 

The beach is not typically “packed to capacity” it has visitors that are shuttled down from the other nearby hotels. There are water activities such as jet skiing and chartered cruises that are offered by independent companies. 

SheerRocks restaurant is a dining experience that was highly recommended as a place to eat when visiting Antigua. 

Click the buttons below to explore more details and info of fun things to do while visiting Antigua. 

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